Thank you for applying for a MADE coaching strategy call

Application Complete

This call is important and the basis for the process ahead so please ensure you are in a quiet place with good wifi connection and audio and please ensure you will not have any distractions during this time. 

These time slots are for those people who are really ready to take action on their physique so because of this I cannot take any calls that are taken on the move or for those who are not really wanting to make a change. 

There are no obligations on the call but please come prepared with any questions you may have and if we feel you are a good fit for coaching please be ready to come on board.

"I really look forward to speaking with you during your scheduled time and helping you put a strategy in place to get you to your new physique!"

What's Next?

We have received your booking and application details and will be reviewing this prior to our call time. The call link is within the booking you made via Calendly and will be found on the confirmation email you received and within your diary. Please ensure you arrive at the call on time. 

Next, please set a little time aside to watch the short video series below. This will ensure you are truly ready to get the most out of our strategy call.

Video 1
Why Investing in your health will free up more time for YOU and allow you to make more money!
Video 2
Are you an action taker or a procrastinator?
Video 3
The three R system how to build the foundations and keep your results long term.
Video 4
Why the magazine workouts just won’t cut it (training overview building the foundations)
Video 5
Cheap and fast often leads to disappointment and regain! (why 0.5-1% body weight per week and the dangers of losing faster and how higher end coaching leads to a more rewarding experience).